Do you believe if you name it you can claim it? I do! So I am speaking my winnings into existence. I will win $225,000.00 million dollars. That will be the greatest day of my life! The plan has been reversed several times but I think I have completed the checklist. I have 5 specific things I am going to do first with my winnings.




  1. Pay off my Student Loan Debt



I would pay off my student loan debt as soon as I am able to deposit the funds into my bank accounts. This is a debt that has been hanging over my head. I would want to know before the house, cars and lavish trips, Uncle Sam will have his money back!



Buy a House 


I know, I know that is a no-brainer. When a person wins the lottery,  most people assume they will buy a house or two. I am going to purchase a home large enough for my family and nothing more. I want an affordable home, without a mortgage of any kind. It will between 4 and 5 bedrooms.

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I will invest in businesses and stocks


I will be investing some of my earnings into other businesses and the stock market so that I can grow more wealth for my children and their children and so on.


  1. Get a financial advisor

This is fourth on the list however it will probably the second thing I do after paying off my student loans. My lottery winnings will be the largest lump sum of money I have ever had in my life! I want to be able to make responsible and economical decision to grow my wealth.

  1. I will book a trip to Africa for my whole family


My father is a Ghanaian, however, I have never been able to travel to Africa to meet my extended family. I want to be able to   travel t

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