By Jennifer Adams

I have been interested in a better lifestyle for several months. I was thinking of ways to improve my life and bring more meaning to my life. In January, I began to watch a documentary on Netflix called “Cooked” by Michael Pollan. It was a four-part series about the  four elements of cooking, Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. It documented the different ways we use these elements to prepare our food. I really enjoyed this documentary. It was educational and entertaining at the same time. I began to think after watching this “ how could I improve my relationship with food?”As many people do, I  began to Google and search YouTube, for information on the subject. Then I discovered a new world.  I was amazed by all the information available, there are many ways to have a more personal relationship with the food we eat. I was able to find several articles and videos about gardening, raising animals for food, and living a more sustainable lifestyle. I was hooked!
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Homesteading is somewhat a new term but has been around for many years. As I began to watch videos about raising chickens, pigs , cows and other livestock. I knew this would be an adventure for me since farming is new to me. The more time I sent researching the topic, the more excited I  became about the idea.  I was just amazed at all the resources available to a person who would like to start a homestead. So a homestead has been added to my list of goals for my life.

My original thoughts were I need land, at least 8-10 acres. I need money to build a barn, I need to take classes.  I was so excited I wanted all the animals and a full functioning farm right away. However the more I researched  I began to notice not everyone in the video, lived on a 10-acre farm. Nor did they have every animal available for farming. Some just in their backyards in the city limits. Then I was introduced to the term “Urban Homesteading”, which fit my situation at the time. I am slowly creating my urban homestead. I will soon be able to grow enough fresh organic food for my family.

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