I have learned a new technique that helps me saving money and I would like to share it. I make my own washing powder. I found different recipes online, however, i have created my own recipes.  I use

Arm and hammer baking soda
Arm and hammer washing soda
Foca laundry detergent
2 bars of Zote
Scent beads
Cheese grater

This normally is a two-day process. I grate the Zote bars on newspaper on the first day, then allow time for the product to dry out. Once it has dried out, the I add the baking soda, washing soda , borax, Foca laundry detergent and scent beads. Then I make sure that everything is mixed completely and store it in a rubber maid container. I use about a tablespoon in every load with means this washing powder will last my family 1 year!

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