Yaberen? Where did this name come from? Why are you not using your own name? These are some of the questions  I have been asked when I decided to start a blog. I know it is a unique name, which is the reason why I chose the name. I created the name Yaberen about 15 years ago after I graduated high school.   In 2002,  the internet was very new and scary. During that time if you were online, you were told never give out your personal information.  I followed those instructions and created the name Yaberen for my yahoo email account.


Yaberen is a combination of my late Grandmother’s name Obera and my middle name Yaa’vette. I felt it was the perfect combination of two unique names. Obera was my grandmother’s middle name just as Yaa’vette was mine. I did try to use other names, but my mother, father, and sibling and my self, all had very common names Jennifer, Savannah, Kathy etc. So I started using the name for all my online activities.


When I decided that I was going to give blogging a try, I knew I wanted something unique. I wanted a blog name, that could be recognized easily. I mean seriously how many Jennifer’s do you know? I know at least three people named Jennifer. Just to see if I was wrong before picking the name, I googled my name, Jennifer Freeman, I was surprised by how many people have my exact first and last name. Heck, during my call center days, I answered a call, and almost fell out of my seat when the customer verified their name as Jennifer Freeman. So Yaberen’s Life was the name I decided on, and I am very happy with my choice


If you started a blog, What would the name be?

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