Hello, my name is Jennifer aka Yaberen. I have introduced myself vaguely, but I would like to take the time to give you more information just, so you can get to know me better. My name is Jennifer Y Adams my blood type is O positive I like long walks in the park, and watching the setting sun…just joking ok let me start over.

I was born September 6, 1984, shot out to all the Virgos, in Columbia, TN. I have lived in Tennessee my entire life. I was raised in a small town, where also everyone knew each other. I was very social growing up participating marching band, chorus, cheerleading, and football manager.

After high school, I decided to go to college to study business management because I knew I wanted to own my own business one day. Now life happened so  I have not completed my degree yet. While going to school,  I worked in almost every field, in my 33 years of life. I have waited table, sold satellites, worked retail, call center jobs even construction. So I feel like career-wise, I am well -round

I have always keep a diary or journal when I was younger. I have never considered myself to be a writer, however, I am trying something new! I love reading of any kind. I enjoy arts and crafts and working with my hands.   I am passionate about helping people and I always have tried to help others as best I can. I find writing to be refreshing and writing is a stress reliever.

But most importantly, I am a Christian, a wife and a mother of three beautiful children. I feel that God has placed this desire to help others in me for a reason. I would truly like to be a Positive Light in the Dark World.  I would like you to come to my blog and find useful information that will help to improve your life. So feel free to comment or subscribe to my newsletter.